4 x 4000 mm

CW614N, CuZn39Pb3 4 x 4000 mm

Material id:
4 mm
4000 mm
≈ 0.11 kg/m

We offer various types of brass rods to our industrial customers.
Sheets are generally available in 4 types: Round bars - hexagon bars - square bars and flat bras..
The most common alloys are: CuZn39Pb3-CW614N, CuZn36Pb2As-CW602N, CuZn40Pb2-CW617N

On request

CW614N, CuZn39Pb3

Are the standard materials for machining (machining index 100 %). They are therefore available from stock in a wide range of dimensions. These alloys are also particularly suitable for hot stamping when the forged parts are subsequently machined extensively.

We are not liable for items out of stock. The specified weight is theoretical. Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Technical Specifications


Density Al Cu Ni Fe Pb Sn
Name g/cm3 Max Min Max Max Max Min Max Max
CW614N, CuZn39Pb3 8.5 Zn 0.05 57 59 0.3 0.3 2.5 3.5 0.3

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