Wind turbines play an important part in the journey towards a CO2-neutral future and, for 20+ years, Aluwind has been part of the turbine industry. In this area, we have delivered solutions with the right qualities - from a long service life to the possibility of recycling.


Aluwind delivers solutions to the wind turbine industry with:

· Long service life
· Easy handling
· Possibility of recycling
· Significant anticorrosion properties


Having Aluwind as your professional partner means that you have access to our many years of experience and we can offer you our tailor-made solutions: "One Box" and our design department puts you in a stronger position.


With our One Box solution, we gather several deliveries to you in one package and the solution can be adapted to match your needs and your specific value chain. You can also use our design department to develop strong products in sustainable materials.


Production matches the latest standards and requirements
Aluwind offers you production that matches the latest standards and requirements. At the same time, we use state-of-the-art production methods and can combine it all with a logistics solution that also includes purchased components which we pack according to your requirements.

Global presence and logistics
Aluwind's global presence and logistics solutions ensure you worldwide and timely delivery. At the same time, we make allowances for trade restrictions and local guidelines.


Clear conclusion: One Box supports your business model
In terms of experience, development, design, production, logistics and distribution, Aluwind's One Box solution supports your business model while also creating value for your business.

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